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The Washington New Church School (established in 1970) offers a distinctively new form of Christian education for children from Junior Kindergarten through Tenth Grade.

Our mission is to provide a place where children can be instructed academically, morally and spiritually, thus educating the whole child in the sphere and context of the Lord’s Word. We strive to work closely with parents and friends of the Washington New Church to help each child grow to achieve his or her personal potential. Our unique understanding of the Bible and spiritual life is our platform for achieving this, and we have a history of outstanding results, including standardized testing scores far above national averages.

We welcome interested families to learn about our New Church beliefs which are the foundation of the educational philosophy and atmosphere of our school.  Some of our key beliefs are listed below:

  • The Lord Jesus Christ is the one God of heaven and earth.
  • Love to the Lord, our Creator, and charity to the neighbor are the essentials of a good life.
  • Everyone who follows the principles of the Ten Commandments will be received into heaven.
  • Marriage is the basis for all human society and continues in heaven.
  • The Lord’s Word is the instruction book which reveals how to live a life that leads to happiness and heaven.  It is written as a parable that has a deeper meaning which is explained in the Writings for the New Church.

Here is what some of our parents are saying:

"I attended the Washington New Church School when it first opened its doors 40 years ago, and am thrilled to have my two sons there now.  WNCS prepared me for my career in engineering and management, as well as for my life as a contributing member of the local and greater Community.  It is exciting to see that our little school has maintained its commitment to academic excellence as well as spiritual and moral strength, while expanding its commitment to growing and sharing the special type of education it offers to more families in the area." ~ Sharon C, Upper Marlboro MD

"This is our first year with WNCS. My 2nd grader loves going to school and is always sharing the fun things she is learning and knowledge she is able to apply to life even at her young age. I like the hands-on approach to academics and the multiple interactions the younger children have with the older ones in games and other learning activities. As a Christian school, I also appreciate the intellectual approach WCNS takes to spiritual principles and God's Word. It is taught in a way that is applicable to everyday life and builds a reverence for the Lord Jesus Christ that is wholesome and close to the heart. So far, I like it." ~ Dari P. Bowie, MD

"We have seen an amazing growth in our son academically and spiritually over the past year.  Enrolling him at Washington New Church School has challenged some of his hidden talents and exposed his known talents such as art, etc." ~ Wanda M. Bowie, MD

"My daughter loves Junior Kindergarten at Washington New Church School. She brings home bread on baking day, and new ideas every day of the week. It's been great to watch her learn and grow. " ~ Lincoln S., Mitchellville, MD

"Three of my children have gone through WNCS, and it’s an amazing place to learn and grow. The children feel safe and nurtured as well as intellectually stimulated.  One can sense this in the atmosphere at the school: joyful and charged with energy.  I can’t imagine a better place to prepare my children academically and spiritually."  Amanda H., Mitchellville, MD

"WNCS has been an important part of our family's life for the past 18 years when the first of our five children started kindergarten. Our youngest child is now in the fifth grade and he and his brother and sisters have benefited from the dedicated faculty, small class size, and overall atmosphere of caring for each individual student. WNCS is a great school."  Angela B., Bowie, MD

"Our son appreciates the dedication, enthusiasm and thoughtfulness of all his teachers. He especially enjoys the wonderful sense of community which envelopes the entire school--faculty and students from Kindergarten through 10th grade."   David G., Greenbelt, MD

For more information about our school or school enrollment, please contact our School Secretary.

Or click "brochure" to download our current School brochure.