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Welcome to the Washington New Church, a congregation of the worldwide Church of the New Jerusalem.  We represent a new kind of Christianity based on the symbolic meaning of the Bible, a radical new understanding of the Trinity and a process of salvation that emphasizes free will and personal responsibility.  Our teaching, which is drawn from the Scriptures and from the revelations of Emanuel Swedenborg, also includes more comprehensive information about Divine Providence and life after death than any other Christian religion.

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Summer Worship Services

Our worship services are all scheduled for outdoors on a beautiful, shady lawn at a neighboring home - all beginning at the summer time of 10:00 AM. Just follow the signs on Sunday, a few hundred yards farther down the street and to the right.

A Summer Renewal

This is a very exciting year for us at the church and school as we renovate and add to the whole complex in order to better serve our members, our students and our community. New rooms will provide beautiful spaces not only for our school but also for church groups and community events - for which we welcome your inquiries. And a completely renovated sanctuary will provide a greatly improved atmosphere for worship - lighter, brighter than before and now with air conditioning for your comfort.

The project is scheduled to be completed in phases with the school portions ready for occupancy at the end of August and the church portions soon thereafter. We look forward to welcoming you and showing you around in the fall.

Website is Under Construction

Just like our church and school building, our website is getting a new face. Please be patient with us as we convert to our new website.

There may be items missing on this old site and information that is becoming out-dated but there many things that don't change and can still be useful . If you need more information while you wait for our new website please feel free to e-mail us. For church information - our Pastor: mike.gladish@washnewchurch.org or for school information: Our secretary: bonnie.cowley@washnewchurch.org. Thanks for your patience!

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